The Sistah Circle Book Club, Inc.

A Reading Club for African American Women


Headline (SCBC Virtual Headquarters) –

Welcome to Fall! Time for an update to your personal library…or simply reading tons of books!

Collector of books…old, rare, or fresh off the press (new)? Your book self or shelves are craving your newest possession; a new book. Also, technology keeps our favorite books at our fingertips at a rate of 100 or even 1000 titles. With publishers offering more and MORE title available for reading electronically via Nook, Kindle, GoogleBooks (Android tablets) and the like; it has become easier to “grab” a book for reading.

So, now, dive into Fall reading by updating you bookshelf or downloading and electronic copy to you techie device! Visit the SCBC Online “Bookstore” for ideas!

Happy reading!

Read on…ALWAYS!