The Sistah Circle Book Club, Inc.

A Reading Club for African American Women

Our History

This is our history of who we were, are, and how we desire to encourage African American women and their families to continue to read and support our authors.

The SCBC, Inc. was a group of avid African American women readers, born of two out-of-state women in Houston, Texas, back in May 1999. The reading club was founded on the premise of fostering new friendships around a common activity, reading. We embraced the concept of Sistahood within our organization and embarked on creating our literary Circle!

The Sistah Circle Book Club, Inc., was a non-profit organization which had the mission to promote reading among African American women and their families.

African American literature…romantic, robust, urban, poetic, cutting edge and mysterious…it is the African American experience. Words that bubble from the heart, mind, body and soul of the creators to be shared with avid readers. African American literature explains who were are as a people…and perhaps, shed light on our possibilities, and opportunities.

In 1999, we welcomed African American women from and throughout the U.S. into our reading Circle, both online and offline. We enjoyed the exciting diversity within our Sistahood by adding groups in Colorado, Texas, New York, Indiana, and Georgia!

The Sistah Circle Book Club, Inc. was devoted to providing an avenue for African American women to come together for a common and primary goal…reading. We were also able to fellowship and network with one another. The love we have for literature brings us together in harmony…

Our group worked in harmony, creating a unified body…”The Circle.” Chapters within the Circle embrace the basic foundations upon which our group was organized. We welcomed avid readers to join our Circle…creating chapters branching from our tree.

We loved and respected each other as African American Sistahs…therefore we could agree to disagree in ideology as it pertains to book discussions. We understood that as humans, we are not the same in mind, body, spirit or soul.

Enjoy the escape and the adventure African American literature can give to you!

A summary of the what The Sistah Circle Book Club, Inc. embraced:

Purpose:  The Sistah Circle Book Club, Inc. is a group of African American Sistahs coming together to chat, listen, reflect, renew, shout, and yes, eat! As women, we are given the opportunity to discuss books in a friendly forum, while broadening our literary knowledge and being introduced to books/authors we may or may not normally be exposed to. Our Goal: To continue promoting and supporting literacy within the African Americans culture.
Giving:  All of who You are. Enjoy yourself and others in the group. Feel free to openly express your feeling, honestly. You may express yourself in both written and in spoken words. No one professes to be an expert “literary critic”; we are all learning, as we are enjoying the entertainment of literary art. Our minds our being opened to various genres and ideas. Sharing is our key method to exposure to things new and fresh!
Your Gift:  You will receive a wealth of literary information, network with other book clubs, meet fascinating African American authors, attend literary events and create friendships with other African American Sistahs from various backgrounds. The bonding and literary lessons will prove to be valuable to you in years to come.

Adopted: June 1999
Revised December 2008