The Sistah Circle Book Club, Inc.

A Reading Club for African American Women


If you live here….


…then we encourage you to join a local club OR create a reading group!

Interested in starting a chapter in your city?

Here are some suggested ideas for creating you reading circle of sisters:

  • Target an age range or audience (this includes facilitating primary and secondary grades and college students)
  • Look for women who are committed to literary exposure written by African American authors and authors of African decent.
  • Commit to one (1) year of leading a reading Circle.
  • Set a minimum of seven (7) active members (including leader/facilitator);
  • Be willing to read a minimum of n nine (9) month per year calendar year (allot of holiday breaks). You group may choose to read 12 months.
  • If host a group in a school, readings should be based on school schedule and reading/grade level of the students.

If you believe that this is just what your community, organization, or group of reading friend are looking for, begin your reading Circle!

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