The Sistah Circle Book Club, Inc.

A Reading Club for African American Women


If you live here….


…then we welcome you to join OR create a reading group and join our Circle!

Interested in starting a chapter in your city?

SCBC, Inc. is open to the creation of new chapters in states across the U.S. and also international locations! We welcome the opportunities to share the vision of our organization with your community. We accept inquires for the formation of primary and secondary education chapters and college/university chapters as well.

As a basis, we are looking for women who are committed to starting and leading a group of ladies to facilitate literary exposure to various genre written by African American authors and authors of African decent. Commitment is one (1) year to supporting a reading Circle.

SCBC chapters must have a minimum of seven (7) active members (including leader/facilitator); be willing to read a minimum of seven (7) months* and no more than nine (9) month per year calendar year (SCBC winter break is January and December of each year); perform an annual community service project; and agree to terms and conditions regarding a non-profit organization. You may, however, choose to read 12-month a year.

*For chapters affiliated with educational institutions, reading will be based on school schedule and reading/grade level of the students.

If you believe that SCBC, Inc. is just what your community, organization, or group of reading friend are looking for, please feel free to contact us at

Online Chapter
In late 2013, we will re-open our Online Chapter! SCBC will facilitate this online venture by posting a bi-monthly reading list of books by new and veteran authors OR new and old titles on our website. We want to hear from you too, so we would love to hear about the books you have read or want to suggest for the reading list. Members are encouraged to post reviews about a book they’ve read on the list. This groups will operate at “self-pace” reading or completing of six (6) titles from various genres per year. You must register to post review.

We’ enjoy having you participate in the Circle!

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